Costume FAQ: Finding And Caring For Costumes

´╗┐Costume FAQ: Finding And Caring For Costumes

* How do I know what size costume will fit me?

There are two categories of costume sizes (adult and children) wherein you will be able to determine whether the costumes will fit you. The costume sizes available for adults include one or two fittings: standard or extra large fittings with different sizes variations. For children, costume sizes have three fittings, which are small, medium or large with different size variations appropriate within specific age limits. Always look for a costume with installed flexibility and adjustability features.

* Where can I get a custom fit costume?

You can get custom fit costumes from costume specialists or from certified costume manufacturers who will create a costume according to your specifications.

There are also manufacturers online where you can search for the right custom fit costumes you need or let them create one for you. They can design your costumes with your supervision.

* How should I wash my costume?

There are two procedures for washing a costume. Most costumes can be washed either by hand or by machine. You can use a detergent which has gentle ingredients and run the washer on the “gentle” cycle, with as little agitation as possible. Laundromat washers usually contain residues from bleach or chemicals from previous washes, so beware of using laundromat machines.

* What can I use to get a stain out of my costume?

Removing a stain from your costume will depend on what kind of stain it is.

– Caramel candy or hot chocolate stains can be removed by soaking it in cold water, then spotting it with a liquid laundry detergent or prewash stain remover.

– Chewing gum stains can be removed by applying ice to the gum residue and treating it with a prewash stain remover or liquid detergent with heavy duty ingredients.

– Stains from fruit can be removed by running it under cold water and washing it using a laundry detergent.

– Face makeup stains can be treated with a dry cleaning solvent or prewash stain remover.

– Nail polish stains are difficult to remove; however, keep applying a nail polish remover at intervals until the stain slowly fades.

– Candle wax stains can be removed using a dry cleaning solvent.

* How should I store my costume?

Costumes are an important tool for promotions, and they require proper storage to ensure that they will retained their original condition. The best solution is to take your costumes to a professional costume company for storage, where they can take care of it properly.

– They can immediately ship your costume to you before your specified date.

– They usually offer return shipping after using your costume in an event.

– They completely repair and clean costumes between events, if needed.

– They store costumes in dry and safe facilities.

– Your costume is fully insured for water damage, theft, or fire during its storage.

– They can bill you quarterly.